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Colorado State Parks website

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Do you love beautiful scenery, getting fresh air, and that great feeling after a hard day's work? Do you want to meet new friends, learn a new skill, work together as part of a project team? The Colorado State Parks Website can help you find that special place to volunteer and give something back!

Search Volunteer Opportunities

The Colorado State Parks Website is a resource that helps connect volunteers to opportunities across the state.  You can make a difference by becoming a Colorado State Parks volunteer.  You can learn new skills, meet new people, or visit a new landscape.  Outdoor stewardship can become a new and rewarding aspect of your life.  You can have fun and give something back to Colorado State Parks.  Search Parks or Programs 

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.  ~Nelson Henderson

How to Use the Colorado State Parks Website

Create a profile- Once you create a profile you can sign-up for different outdoor volunteer opportunities across Colorado. You can add your own personal preferences and identify the parks or programs you wish to work with. You can track your own volunteer skills and accomplishments.  Once you have a volunteer profile, sign-up is a snap! Create a Profile

Find Volunteer Opportunities - With our advanced zip code search you can find volunteer opportunities close to home or close to that favorite special place you want to visit. You can also search by date or by your specific interest. Many parks and programs provide camping, lodging or food as an enticement to volunteer.  Becoming part of Colorado State Parks brings many rewards and a sense of community. Search Opportunities

Additional Features of Colorado State Parks Website

  • An easy-to-search, up-to-date, database of outdoor volunteer opportunities
  • A referral system that uses personalized information to notify volunteers about opportunities that match their skills and interests as they become available
  • Secure registration for volunteer opportunities
  • An automated communication system that links park or program managers with registered volunteers

     Thank you for your interest and on-going support of Colorado State Parks!

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