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Colorado Natural Areas Program


The Colorado Natural Area Program (CNAP) is a statewide program within Colorado State Parks that was created by an act of the Colorado legislature in 1977. CNAP is the only governmental agency in Colorado that is charged with identifying, designating and protecting natural features that are of statewide significance. This includes areas with unique geology, rare species habitats or pristine examples of native ecosystems. The Colorado Natural Areas Program enters into land management agreements with federal, state, local and private landowners to protect and, in some cases, promote the values of Natural Areas. There are currently 78 Designated Natural Areas and 31 sites registered as potential Natural Areas. CNAP provides skilled Volunteer Stewards, land management advice, and protection assistance to the owners and managers of Designated Natural Areas.

Address 1313 Sherman Street
Rm 618
Denver, CO 80203 Denver

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Natural Areas Volunteer Steward

This is an ongoing opportunity.

Colorado Natural Areas Program

Backcountry/Wilderness Use Monitoring
Visit Natural Area, preferably during growing season, at least once a year. Observe and record conditions on site including, but not limited to, human impacts, animal impacts, natural events impacts, ... read more

Rare Plant Monitoring Steward Program

This is an ongoing opportunity.

Colorado Natural Areas Program

Research and Field Work
Receive extensive training. Work with botany enthusiasts. Be a citizen-scientist. Collect data needed by land managers.