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Cheyenne Mountain State Park


One of the crown jewels in Colorado’s extensive state park system, Colorado’s newest state park is situated in the landscape that inspired the anthem, “America the Beautiful.” Enter this park and marvel at the mountains above and the large Colorado Springs basin below. Enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, or biking on our 20 miles of trails. We have an amazing 1680 acres to explore. Colorado Parks and Wildlife gets everyone outdoors! Attracting more than 12 million visitors per year, Colorado's 43 State Parks are a vital cornerstone of Colorado's economy and quality of life. Colorado State Parks encompass 224,447 land and water acres, offering some of the best outdoor recreation destinations in the state. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a leader in providing opportunities for outdoor recreation, protecting the state’s favorite landscapes, teaching generations about nature and partnering with communities.

Address 410 JL Ranch Heights
Colorado Springs, CO 80926 El Paso

(719) 576-2016




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Cheyenne Mountain - Archery Range Support

This is an ongoing opportunity.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Grounds/Facilities Maintenance
Assist with maintenance of range, paste targets to backing, replace targets on range.

Cheyenne Mountain - Fuel Mitigation, Fire prevention

This is an ongoing opportunity.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Forestry and Timber Management
Assist with removal of dead brush and trees, create mitigation lines for wildland fire prevention